What is Cerebral Palsy?

Are we all aware of the motor disability impact in children that also impacts youth and adults? Though a common word in the Biological dictionary yet, an unheard word for many. 

Cerebral Palsy has in the last decade crippled many families and who would understand it better. We bring in a bit of information about Cerebral Palsy through our experience and promise to keep you updated with information so you understand this well and we can spread awareness through this medium. 

Understanding Cerebral Palsy 

A disorder that impacts muscle movement and general motor coordination and skill. It obstructs the ability of the human body to move and co-ordinate in a way that one wishes to.  A person suffering from Cerebral Palsy might face difficulty in breathing, eating, digesting, bowel control actions, and even conversing.  

What Cerebral Palsy largely impacts is the brain and this 7/10 times happens even before the child is born. Researchers and scientists who are observing Cerebral Palsy patients for years feel that the child might get impacted upto 5-6 years post-birth. 

When a child gets impacted, his brain is the part that gets mostly impacted and this leads to various other peripheral issues such as the sense of taste, hearing, sight, and even memorizing or learning.