About Us

Who are we?

We are a team of a humble parent; this "team" consists of my wife and myself and our honest initiative of reaching one and all.

No not for any other reason than sharing our story of being the blessed parent of a Miracle child. The child who is our lifeline and one who strengthens our belief every day.

The miracle started the day, Dev came into our life.

We witnessed the importance of belief. The importance of instilling hope and positive thinking every day in our child helped him nurture into a happy child.

Yes, a happy child.One who is confident, happy, ambitious, hardworking, committed, disciplined, and full of life?

Each day of his growing up made us change how we looked at life and forced us to believe that the toughest jobs in the world can be achieved if we believe in yourself.

Our Goal

Our simple goal is to reach out our meager initiative and touch the heart of hundreds of Parents of Specially abled children on this planet and help them gain a positive outlook towards life, learn to stay happy, and instill hope, positivity, and courage to face the dark elements, fear, anxiety, and challenges they bear every time.

Our Vision

Reach out to the Parents through the most humble means; share what we went through and bring in a change in the way they think.

Do we know them well?

Specially abled children have the purest soul and to stand with them, hold them step up, and believe in them is what we aim to achieve.

The little gleam that their eyes show, the hope in their heart and happiness in their face are all that helps us take each step ahead every day.

One has to have a goal set and a vision to achieve the impossible. Nothing absolutely nothing can withhold you to achieve your target and goal.

People often ask us what is our goal and our team (comprising of me and my wife) strongly believe that we with our everyday learnings and persistant effort have the ability to bring however small it may be but positive changes in one's life and witness the change – and we want to do the same for many more.

We want Specially abled children to overcome their fear of failure and disability and emerge successful in what they do by empowering their Parents.